How to be evidence-based
and neurodiversity-affirming
(by building executive functioning)

(for SLPs, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other related service providers)

In this training, I'll reveal:

  • Why kids continue to experience anxiety or behavioral challenges, even though they're going to therapy or have a behavior plan.
  • Common mistakes multidisciplinary teams make when teaching executive functioning (and why lists, planners, and behavior charts aren't working).
  • Why kids continue to struggle with problem-solving, and friendships, even though they're going to therapy and social skills groups.


Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan

Dr. Karen helps pediatric therapists use their clinical skills to make an impact on kids and create a fulfilling career they love.

She's a licensed SLP, has a doctorate in special education, a special education director license, and an assistive technology graduate certificate. She spent 14 years in the school systems before starting an online education company in 2015.

Here's a sneak peak of what's in this training:

Internal motivation is a skill, not a personality trait.

You can't reward a child in to doing a skill they don't have. Kids need the right SUPPORT with the right SKILLS to "motivate" themselves.

Executive functioning is more that just "being organized".

That's why it's a protective factor for academic, social, and emotional issues impacting kids, and why addressing it helps us be ND-affirming.

It's possible to make a tangible impact on your students and your team, even with a large caseload.

All you need is the right system and strategies. Join me in this free training and learn how.