Are you feeling limited by your career options as a pediatric clinician?

Your next move starts now.

Join the free Clinical Leadership Roundtable and learn how to plan a career path that finally allows you to serve in a way that feels aligned and impactful.


You may enjoy your job but at the same time, you feel like you could be doing more.

You want to feel more empowered and autonomous in your practice, but aren't sure how to make it happen.

You may be wondering...

... Is it a change in setting?

... Starting a private practice?

... Doing consulting, speaking engagements or trainings in your community?

... Starting some other kind of business?

... Becoming a more specialized clinician through additional degrees, certifications or courses?

... Or moving to a more formal leadership position in higher education, administration, or clinical supervision?

I’ve created the
Clinical Leadership Roundtable
to help you answer these questions.

The Clinical Leadership Roundtable is a free 3-stage challenge designed to help you create a customized career path aligned with your strengths and the way you want to be of service to your field and your community. 

In this roundtable, you'll go through a series of exercises designed to help you craft your career path based on your unique skills, talents, and preferences.


I know you might be wondering:

  • What if I don’t feel aligned and fulfilled with the typical career path for clinicians? 
  • What if I know I want to do more for my caseload and in my career, but I’m not sure what I want to do? 
  • What if I have a million things I want to do and I can’t prioritize
  • What if I want to plan my next career move, but I don’t want to leave the security of a stable job?

Here’s the good news...

If you’re a clinician serving K-12 kids (speech pathologist, social worker, occupational therapist, psychologist, or other specialized service provider), you’re not limited to the jobs posted on the job boards.

You can forge your own way.

And the great news is that MANY people’s “dream scenario” consists of multiple income streams (including self-employed, contract, employee). You can design your own perfect set-up.

The other good news...

This roundtable will help you identify “micro-experiments” you can run to take tangible actions and “test-runs” that will help you explore what types of work you enjoy.

And at the same time you’ll be adding valuable experience to your portfolio that you can use to launch the next stage of your career. 

And you can do this NOW without even leaving the security of your job. 

I’ll walk you through the whole process in the Clinical Leadership Roundtable.  

The secret to building a fulfilling career is shifting from “therapist” to clinical leader, so you can make a bigger impact with your services. The first step in being a leader of others is being a leader of YOURSELF. 

You don't have to wait for someone to choose you to be a leader. You can start building your portfolio of experience and launch the next stage of your journey.

Your dream career starts NOW.

Here's how it works...

  • Register for the Clinical Leadership Roundtable by entering your name and email in the form below.
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email and invitation to the Clinical Leadership Mastermind Facebook group. This is where you'll find the video guides that will lead you through the stages in the process.
  • The confirmation email will include instructions for participating in the roundtable. There are 3 distinct stages in the career exploration process. At each stage, you'll watch a video, complete a set of action-steps, and then have a chance to get feedback in the group.


These are the steps that we'll take together during th together, examining each stage, and pull it together with an open Q&A.

Stage 1: Self Discovery
I'll walk you through the self-discovery process designed to help you identify your strengths, talents, and skills, how you like to work, who you want to work with and your mission/passion.

Stage 2: Career Mapping Matrix
In this stage, you'll use our career mapping matrix and your unique strengths, assets, and preferences to create several customized career path options.

Stage 3: Micro-Experiments
You'll wrap
up by designing a series of "micro-experiments" to explore your options, start building your portfolio of experience, and launch the next stage of your career.

Check your email for confirmation and details.


Hi, I'm Karen.

I'm Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan, and I help pediatric therapists become better leaders, so they can make a bigger impact with their services.

I have over 15 years of experience supporting school-age kids with diverse learning needs, and now I spend my time sharing up-to-date evidence-based practices and my own experiences designed to help clinicians and educators feel more confident in the way they serve their caseloads, so they can help school-age kids grow up to be successful, kind, well-adjusted people.